About us


We at Executive Selection India are disrupting the traditional Executive Search & Selection consulting model. We believe in building a long-term trusted partner relationship with our customers, whether it is of industry best practices or business processes related to the staffing areas in your organization. This, combined with our deep recruitment expertise, helps us to develop innovative, packaged recruitment solutions that can be quickly deployed to deliver solutions on your projects.

Founded by Mr. Dipankar Sharma and the team having 45+ years of experience in it and global recruitment services. Executive Selection India has developed into one of the leading consulting companies with services in the domestic as well as international markets. We believe in building a long-term trusted partner relationship with our customers, whether it is of industry best practices or business processes related to the staffing areas in your organization. Established in 2019, Executive Selection India was created with a vision to fill the gaping disparity between the human resource requirement of the corporate world and the existing skilled manpower across various verticals.


We deliver Executive Search, Assessment, and Development to businesses and organizations varying in size, structure, and maturity. We do that across sectors, whether Private, Public, or Not-For-Profit. Our consultants have spent years developing strong relationships with dynamic, driven, empathetic leaders and also with organizations looking for the right talent to take them to the next level. We belong to a global network of executive search firms that we call on regularly to source talent from around the world. Cultivating these relationships results in outstanding candidates for every search. We also support our clients with guidance and tools through the hiring process to ensure that each hire is the right fit.


Organizations of every size and sector depend on talented individuals, teams, and leaders to realize their success. Executive Selection India’s strength lies in the partnerships we develop to address that need. We form strong relationships with the most talented people, with those seeking them, and between our own teams globally to bring both sides together. It is because of our deep, non-transactional, and lasting partnerships, that our clients can acquire, develop, and retain their strongest leaders.


To aggressively pursue our vision through innovation and leadership so as to be able to provide our clients complete CUSTOMER DELIGHT EXPERIENCE.  To fill the disparity between industry skill requirement and unemployment by providing our services in both urban and rural geographies of India and also cater to international demands.


To become the largest Recruitment outsourcing company offering comprehensive and holistic HR solutions. To Handle a range of diverse projects for our clients and become their virtually extended arm. To Work towards building better careers for candidates and providing the best talent pool for our clients.


Executive Selection India’s values were chosen based upon their impact on achieving our clients’ goals while building a culture and environment that develops and retains excellence.

·        Integrity: We are committed to integrity in all that we do, always, everywhere.

·        Commitment: We value the commitment of our employees to the firm, their individual roles, and our clients’ projects.

·        Teamwork: We learn from each other and share our skills and resources across organizational boundaries for both our clients’ benefit and our own.

·        Respect: We draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity, at the same time supporting personal growth and development.

·        Professionalism: We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that our relationships with our clients will be long-lasting and close.

·        Initiative: When our employees take the initiative to be the best at their positions, see tasks through to completion, and proactively try to make a difference, we all benefit from their actions.

·        Courage: We value the courage to face adversity, persevere, and make tough decisions.