Psychology Assessment

Psychology & Competency Assessment

Executive Selection India conducts Psychometric and Competency Assessment to evaluate a candidate's performance, skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes, and job/academic potential, and to ensure that a candidate possesses the right amount of skill and cognitive ability to perform the duties of a given job/role. There are many kinds of psychometric and competency test styles and formats within which six main areas we will focus. They are the psychometric test, aptitude tests, behavioral tests, coding tests, domain tests, and spoken English tests.


Few Of The Most Relevant Tests:

1.      Psychometric Test: Through this test, we evaluate the cognitive ability and the key personality traits of the candidate to excel in a position or career.

2.      Aptitude Test: Through this test, we assess various cognitive abilities of the candidate from numeracy and literacy skills to spatial awareness and more.

3.      Behavioural Test: With this test, we tend to access the specific personality traits of the candidate that could indicate the suitability of their specific role. This test is taken in the form of personality questionnaires, leadership tests, situational judgment tests, and motivation tests.

4.      Spoken English Test: With our spoken English test, we evaluate result-driven candidates on nuances of speech.

5.      Domain Test: We evaluate candidates with in-depth functional knowledge with this technical assessment.


These tests provide a reliable psychometric and competency assessment of a candidate’s key characteristics and measure a candidate’s verbal, behavioural, and numerical reasoning competencies. Once assessed, the key traits recognized can be directly compared to a predetermined evaluation of the requirements of the role or the other candidates.