Start-up Hiring

Startups are generated from ideas and we make sure to understand the very core idea of your startup. We understand your expectations from a particular position, and we dwell deep in finding out about candidate’s qualifications by assigning them with a small task to find out if their theory knowledge of the required skill is at par with the requirement of the role.

In India the IT industry is huge, the number of people you may need to screen through for an IT job may seem overwhelming, but we have recruitment software that analyzes and screens candidates in the primary stage.
 We customize our services according to your specific startup needs and assist you through the recruitment process to find the ideal candidate.

Hiring employees for a startup is significantly different from a large enterprise or business. When it comes to startups, starting from your search for eligible and talented candidates to processing formal interviews, all the activities require a unique approach. The fact that your brand is not yet popular will demand your salary margins and workload to stay at meager levels, and this can be considered as a primary reason why your startup needs special recruitment techniques in contrast to big businesses.

Why Do You Need A Start-Up Hiring Specialist?
Your startup has just come off its cocoon and since, you will still be immersed in settling down its foundational grounds, taking the responsibility of finding the right candidates to help you run the errands can be very tedious. Hence, we come up with amazing hiring strategies and work as your part-time HR management team to ease your recruiting process. We at Executive Selection India, have a prolific team of startup hiring specialists, who will bring you the best talent in the industry with the least effort, time, and money from your side.

What Can Executive Selection India, As Your Startup Hiring Agency Do For You?
Your startup is still brewing, and it takes time for it to become well-established in the market. In these circumstances, your primary motive is to make the prospective candidates believe in you, your work, and the future advantages your business can bring to them. Job-seekers always wish to join companies that will contribute towards their growth. And this is exactly where we at Executive Selection India will come to your help.
We assist you in branding and help your business reach out to the targeted masses with ease. Our team of experts will analyse your startup's recruiting needs, its niche, and assist you in meeting suitable candidates. Whether it is CV screening, skill assessment, or conducting formal interviews, we do it all for you..!!